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Services – MSGC Global Consulting Services

(MSGC Introduction in PDF Download) We have extensive experience in providing customized services for a variety of requirements linked to your business. We have been offering services that have a pivotal role to play in expansion; promotion and sustenance of your […]

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Online Digital Export Import Export Business Training

Export Business & Global Marketing Twin Programs Learn Online Export Business & Become An Export Leader Course Contents – (Download Free Course Syllabus in PDF) -:Export Markets Research And Identification -:Buyers/Agents Identification In Exports -:Export Product Pricing Policy Making -:Export Market Development […]

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Online Books

Online Books Export Import Business Guide in Digital and Print Format Export Import Business Guide – Paperback Export Import Printed Books Export Import Business Guide : https://www.amazon.in/Export-Business-Guide-Become-Leader/dp/1523871652/ref=la_B013ZG2V8O_1_17?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1551018584&sr=1-17&refinements=p_82%3AB013ZG2V8O Key Factors for Successful  Export : https://www.amazon.in/Key-Factors-Successful-Export-Business-ebook/dp/B01BR2Z8YC/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Modern Global Export Marketing Methods : https://www.amazon.in/Global-Digital-Marketing-Business-Successful-ebook/dp/B01HLI0SIC/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Technical Export Marketing Assistance : […]

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MSGC – Global Business Consulting

MSGC has come of age when it comes providing services into multiple and diverse areas and domains. We enjoy a considerable lead over our competition in terms of providing pragmatic solutions to an elite clientele for their various needs. Our assistance and support include, but are not limited to:

  • -: Exports – Merchant & Service Provider;
  • -: International Marketing & Sales
  • -: Global Promotion & Branding
  • -: Business Leads
  • -: International Trade Education and Training

And what’s more, we, due to our large clientele base that enjoy a global presence; and we strive to provide 24X7 solutions for any query. This has been made possible due to our dedicated approach of providing all our services online.

We are equipped with an expert outfit led by a seasoned professional, like Mr. Mahipat Singh – who carries with him a vast exposure that spans across a cross section of diverse industries and global markets – has achieved a formidable reputation in the world of specialist services.

We do not follow the principle of ‘One size fits all’, but instead we prioritize your requirements, your strength areas and objectives; and deliver suggestions that would suit the premise of your business; size of your concern; its work culture.

Our advisory always proves to be pivotal and works like a powerful tool that ensures increment in business and profitability of your concern. Our assistance and backup has helped many of our clients to save money and time in various large and small scale projects.

Our efficiency does not lie in extending you suggestions based on customary assessments – that fail to address various vital factors of your business expanse and working culture, but rather we gain an in depth know how about the products and services you are offering; the markets you are serving; the markets and domains you intent to address; the audience you wish to address; and hurdles – both statutory and human imposed – you are likely to face in the existing or now areas; and the practical ways to counter those aspect which may impede the growth of your business.

We make use of all the modern state of the art online and offline techniques and technology to evaluate the conditions and your requirements; design the best solutions to help your business spread vertically and horizontally.


I strive to achieve and accomplish the most daunting task of proving my excellence in business leadership and impart and share my professional knowledge with new entrants into the international business premise (Export and Import).


I’m expediting efforts into interpretation of various scientific principles into tangible concepts that involve in Technology and International Trade.

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