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Leo Mahipat Singh Jetha was born on 10th August, 1973 in village Kandai, District Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India and he did schooling and Pre-University from there.

Mahipat Singh is Post Graduated in MBA (IB) And MFT (Master of Foreign Trade) from Pondicherry University. Graduated from M.D. University with 2 Years Diploma in Computer Science and Data Science Certification.

Mahipat Singh is an Author, Export & Import Consultant, Merchant & Service Exporter and Founder Coach of  He consult businesses on a wide range of International Trade aspects and helps them to establish and grow their export sales.   Also,  Mahipat Singh coaches early-staged export & import businesses and delivers educational sessions on International Trade and Global Marketing.

Mahipat Singh has more than 25 years professional experience in International Business, IT & Web Technology, Business Science Research, Export Marketing, having diverse experience in Strategic Planning & Execution, FOREIGN TRADE Laws Research and Advising, International Business Consultancy, Web Portal Development, GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKETING, Products Development and Management, ONLINE SALES, Digital Contents Development, Computer Programming etc.

Mahipat wrote Many Poems in Hindi and English, and some Short Stories and Research Articles on International Trade.

Visionary entrepreneur skills in International Trade Development, Finance, Trade Servicing, Consultancy, Freight Forwarding, Developing Highly Successful Marketing Programs and Advertising Campaigns for Products & Services.

SPECIALITIES: Foreign Trade Research, Development & Consulting, Advising, International Trade Laws, Global Marketing, Digital Advertising, Online / Offline Sales, Business & Data Science Research & Analytics.

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Professional Work History

Foreign Trade Consultancy

  • -:Foreign Trade Laws – Foreign Trade Policy Procedures, Notifications, Licences and Benefits
  • -:Customs     Laws – Tariff, Non-Tariff and Notifications
  • -:RBI     FEMA Act – Export Import – Goods and Services Foreign payments
International Marketing Services

  • -:Goods and Services Branding & Promotions
  • -:Foreign Purchase/Imports Leads Generation
  • -:Buyers and Agents Identification
  • -:Payment Terms & Inco Terms Negotiations
Export Import Documentations

  • -:Export Documents Advising Services as per Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20
  • -:Pre-Export     and Post Export Documents
Global Digital Marketing

  • -:Artificial Intelligence Marketing Services
  • -:Data Collections, Analysis and Visualization
  • -:Business Contents Developments – Research Reports, White Papers  and Tabular Data/Databases
  • -:Social Media and Advance SEO
  • -:Digital Advertising
Export Import Training/Mentoring

  • -:Export Business – Start-up Procedures
  • -:Import Business– Start-up Procedures
  • -:Global Marketing – New Market & New Products
  • -:Buyers Identifications – Research, Data Collection
  • -:– Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment
  • -:Duty Exemption, Remission and Export Benefits
  • -:International Logistics – Rout Mapping, Freight, Charges, Agents Selection,     Shipment Preparation
  • -:Exim Risk Management
  • -:International EXIM     Finance and EXIM Insurance
  • -:Foreign Trade Agreement – Bilateral & Multilateral