Profile Overview

  • International Business conceptualization,  Devising strategies to explore and discover new foreign markets and sources Studying market expanse and envisaging plans to capture diverse customer base in USA, UK and Latin America etc.
  • Pitching products and services in those market domains. Our IT profile is expansive and diverse and spans over various application software, database management tools and web based components :

Technical specializations :

  • Technology: ASP.NET, PHP & SAP/R3
  • Database: ORACLE, SQL Server 2008, Foxpro2.5 and MS-Access
  • Operating Systems : Windows 2003, Windows XP, Linux & Unix
  • Open Source: DRUPAL, Word Press, SUGAR CRM
  • Web Tools: Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, IBP, Web CEO, ZENU etc.
  • PPC Management: Google Ad Words, Google Ad planner, Facebook, Linkedin

Strategy for : Web Based Global Digital Marketing And Online Sales Prospecting

MSGC has headed several projects and research initiatives that explored innovation and new strategies to improvise new web based and digital tools to assist in developing and implementing business sales, and distribution strategies in the domain of online business management to maximize and accomplish defined business goals by incorporating :

  1. E-Strategy for marketing and sales
  2. Building Online Awareness for new Customer Acquisition
  3. Search Engine Marketing Strategy Development
  4. Digital Export Products and Services Promotions
  5. Export Lead Generation and Market Development
  6. Business Inbound leads flow and pipeline generation
  7. Forging web alliances and online sales adopt and plan online and website marketing methods and tools to enhance online and physical visibility of organization on global level and thus paving way for enhancing revenue sources and profitability aspects

MSGC’s  finesse as a planner, team leader and implementer has been acknowledged in areas of :

  • * Forging Client Relationships and Account Management Multi Tasking Understanding the diverse cultural and ethnic aspirations across various parts of globe Various departments of crucial business operations including sales, marketing, purchase and procurement and finance management

Professional Analysis

We have excelled in area of development of online tools and media to aid data analysis of the inputs received through various online sources (external and in-house organizational portals).

Foreign market analysis and evaluation to gauge the trends and swings of demands and aspirations of various far flung international destinations plays is pivotal in international business. Evaluation is the only medium that can help an organization devise and develop sufficient methods and strategies to pitch an organization in face of parallel competition and also cope up with the demands. To negotiate these multiple challenges and hurdles, keen sense of observation is essentially required to pick up vital clues about the customer behavior in the targeted and probable markets and appropriately address aspirations of targeted customer base in intended markets. Ability to cautiously study and interpret trends has carried me places. This instinctive and well informed ability has also helped me to :

  • Comfortably assess the attitude and aptitude of diverse consumer from diverse cultural base Interact with the targeted audience on basis of their cultural and business procedural aptitude and interpret the feedback successfully to guarantee a continuous business Address issues of changes and tastes and preferences of customers of different markets and offer constructive suggestion and consultations to help modify and reinvent merchandise for targeted market domain Creating synchronization in various aspects and departments of organization that are pivotal to Effective and timely delivery of web based solutions Guaranteeing stable and steady accomplishment of predefined sales and business goals.